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About Us

Svalbard Trekking is a guiding company located on Svalbard, an archipelago in the Arctic Sea. Svalbard Trekking is based in Longyearbyen and offer scheduled and customised treks to local peaks, glaciers and valleys, and to the surrounding mining settlements. Svalbard Trekking is founded by Morten Wied, an independent guide living in Longyearbyen, with more than ten years of trekking and guiding experience from all over Scandinavia, Greenland, the Mediterranean, and from a number of other guiding companies on Svalbard. Morten is a certified Arctic Nature Guide (ANG) from the University of Tromsø, and has received his guiding education on Svalbard. In addition, Morten a qualified Winter Guide and an Authorised Wilderness Medical Technician from the Danish Guide Association.

  • Ten years of experience from Scandinavia, Greenland and Svalbard.
  • Independent professional guide living in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.
  • Educated as an Arctic Nature Guide from the University of Tromsø.
  • Holds an M.Sc. in Technology and Environmental Planning from the University of Roskilde, Denmark

Our Mission

Svalbard Trekking exists to open up the Arctic to ramblers, wanderers, backpackers, trekkers and hikers from all over the world at every age and every skill level. Svalbard Trekking specialises in rough, old-school, back-country treks through the roadless Arctic wilderness for small groups of trekkers, who wish to experience something truly authentic, while learning something new along the way.

Our Product

Our treks are simple, rugged, beautiful, and human-powered. We believe in the classic virtues of simplicity, self-reliance, and in cultivating a sense of adventure, while shamelessly indulging our wanderlust. For us, trekking is not entertainment, but a break from the world, mental hygiene, and a chance to explore a new land under our own steam.


Svalbard Trekking is a certified tour operator on Svalbard, and meet the safety, legal, environmental, and ethical requirements of the Governor of Svalbard. When trekking with us, you trek with a clean conscience and peace of mind.

Search and rescue insured

You don’t need to worry about extra insurance when booking with Svalbard Trekking. You are already fully covered by our search and rescue insurance on your trek. This means that you only need your regular travel insurance to go trekking with us.

  • Cover all costs associated with a search and rescue operation.
  • Offers medical support in the field.
  • Provides helicopter rescue.
  • Provides boat rescue.

For safety reasons, always inform your guide about any relevant medical conditions that may affect your enjoyment or ability complete a trek. If you have any special requests, concerns or considerations that you feel we should take into account, please do not hesitate to let us know. If in doubt, let us know anyway. All information is handled confidentially, and we can do a lot to accommodate you.

"Trekking in the summer night"
"Morten is very friendly and contactable guide. He take care about each participant on the track. I felt absolutely save with him. It is very important on Svalbard! Because you can't travel around without rifle. Amazing views from the plateau are guaranteed. This trek was an absolute pleasure. Thank you!"

"Trekking the Troll Stone Mountain"
"My wife and I decided to do a hike whilst in Svalbard and came across and small company called Svalbard Trekking. Our guide was an absolute champ, bursting with knowledge and really friendly. Had such a great time and the views from up there were second to none."